Apple Prepares 3 Million iPhones CDMA on December

Apple will produce up to 3 million units of iPhone CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) in December. This measure is intended to anticipate high demand spikes during its launch later in early 2011. CDMA iPhone is once again going to join the iPhone 4 versions of the GSM which has been circulating now.

iPhone 4 versions were produced for CDMA based on a survey, many AT & T customers who want to move to Verizon service in America. Many consider the problems experienced by iPhone signals are also caused by factors outside the operator of a hardware problem. Besides AT & T, Sprint also be candidates for this launch CDMA iPhone in the State of Uncle Sam.

Figures 3 million units of CDMA iPhone can show this will not be widely available in the near future, most likely new to the United States alone. 4 iPhone is still not officially launched in Indonesia, but has sold its version of the BM in the market with a high enough price. 4rd gen iPod Touch seems to be a proper alternative to enjoy the technology on the iPhone 4, but minus the phone functionality and support for 3G.