BlackBerry Storm 9570 apparition Supply, Supports OS 6.0

A few days ago, the appearance of the BlackBerry Storm 3 has been circulating on the Internet, but the truth is still doubtful due to appear in the appearance of a new front side only. This time a new BlackBerry handset that is still in the ranks of the Storm, BlackBerry Storm 9570 appears in the photo many sides.

There was no significant difference in this latest series of the BlackBerry Storm compared to 2 (9520/9550), the physical fact can be spelled exactly the same. But most likely there is a change internally as the addition of a 512MB memory and processor capability to run OS BlackBerry 6. Because the touch screen feature on the BlackBerry Storm 2 is now considered too much memory consuming to run the OS 6.0.

With a less significant change in this, maybe the phone can be called the BlackBerry Storm 2.5, or if feeling responsible, call it with the BlackBerry Storm 3?

BlackBerry Storm 9570 will directly use the latest BlackBerry OS 6, but is still not known when the launch schedule