Facebook will Make Their Own Cell Phone?

Facebook has just reported are making secret project known only by a handful of people. This project is a software developments project that involves Joe Hewitt, a Facebook application developers and iPhone sites among various other projects as well as Papakipos, a former member of the Chrome OS team has special expertise in the field of HTML5.

This project is probably the new OS-based mobile Facebook that will integrate all the things Facebook features such as Google do it in the Nexus One.

Facebook is also rumored to make the cooperation with third parties as a hardware maker.

A Facebook representative has stated that denial of this rumor. It is said that both are currently employed for projects that will create a deeper integration into existing mobile OS. However, Michael Arrington from TechCrunch said that the refutation of Facebook is even more shows that these rumors are true.

According to Arrington, it's similar to when Apple denied the incident will make the iPhone as well as Google denied that they are making a handset which was then called the Nexus One. Proved that the two last things are true. Facebook made this denial as a strategy for competing parties are not vigilant and prepare for a loss or a rival product that can hurt this Facebook business.

So, whether you believe that Facebook will make their own phone? Does this project will succeed, or will end 'tragic' Google Nexus One such project or Microsoft Kin?