Get Counted (Free paid survey site)by Juxt Consult

Get Counted (Free paid survey site)by Juxt Consult

Why Get Counted

The Get Counted Panel is an initiative to provide Indian consumers a platform to voluntarily provide their opinions, feedbacks & personal preferences on current happenings, products and services bought, or intended to be bought, through online surveys; similar to paid online survey opportunities provided in developed countries like USA, UK etc

Get Counted’ Consumer World has been created and is managed by Juxt Consult, India’s leading online research and advisory service company. Juxt Consult researches consumer preferences, feedback and insights using online surveys on behalf of both ‘companies that use Internet as the medium for their business’ and ‘non-internet based businesses but have their consumers on the Internet’. It provides information and analysis that assists these companies in their marketing decision making.

These surveys are initiated by Juxt Consult for client’s like HUL, Future bazaar, Virgin Mobile, Sony Pix, Nokia, LG, HDFC Bank and many other reputed brand names. These associated brands consult them to better understand needs of their existing and prospective consumers for designing and delivering appropriate products & services.

The feedback collected actually helps companies in making things better for people in terms

– create better product and services

– price them appropriately to suit consumers need and requirements

– maintain quality standards

– promote the products and services efficiently and effectively

The membership to the ‘Get Counted’ Consumer World is completely free of cost to you. All it requires from you is a little time and effort that you will need to spend in filling online surveys posted on their website from time to time. And there are possible rewards (in cash or kind) that you can win every time you participate in their surveys and complete them with ‘full sincerity and honesty’.

Earning Potential

The sizable earning potentials one will have are --

  1. Rs.1000/- daily cash prize for participating in polls or remaining active in Live!
  2. An individual survey-wise cash prize of Rs.10,000 per survey
  3. A monthly prize of Rs.1 Lac(Rs.100,000) to be won among all the participants of various surveys in a month
  4. A yearly bumper prize of Rs.10 Lac(Rs.1,000,000) to be won among all the active members of Get Counted Live (members who are active entire year)

5- Referral Program:-- One can refer his friends, family members and colleagues to Get Counted Live and earn Guaranteed Rs.100/- and more.

The conditions for this are ---

  1. One has to download and install Get Counted Live Software on his PC/Laptop.
  2. Ask at least 2 of his friends, relatives and colleagues to download and install Get Counted Live Software in their PC/Laptop.
  3. Both you and your referrals have to remain active for 3/6 months† on Get Counted Live.
  4. You have to refer your friends, relatives & colleagues through Refer a friend page of Get Counted.
  5. As soon as you and your 2 friends install and activate Get Counted Live Software, you win Rs.100/- in cash. After that, for each referral that becomes the member of Get Counted Live, you will earn@Rs.50 per member!
  6. After 3 months you earn Rs.50 (@Rs. 25 per member) and after completion of 6 months you earn balance Rs.50 (@Rs. 25 per member).
    Example: If 10 of your referals remain active for 3 months, you get Rs.250( 10x Rs.25); and if they remain active for 6 months you get Rs.500 (10X Rs.50)

How does it work?

By signing up and becoming a member of the ‘Get Counted’ Consumer World at this website you can access the various online surveys posted on the website.

By filling up these surveys completely and honestly from time to time (and at your own convenience, pace and time) you can possibly win the rewards that are on offer for completing these surveys.

To become a Member of Get Counted, just follow the steps as indicated on site to activate your ‘Get Counted’ Consumer World membership (but make sure you read and understand the ‘terms and conditions’ of becoming and remaining a member of this panel):

  1. Click on the Sign Up link anywhere on the website and create your account by completing the profile registration details in the form provided for the purpose.
  2. This will help us generate your ‘personal webpage’ with a unique username (any of your existing Email Ids) and password (of your choice), so that you can login into your account directly anytime you want.
  3. Once you have completed the member registration process by creating a complete profile (creating complete profile is very important), you will receive an email confirming your membership (on the email id provided during registration). You have to click on a link in that email to activate your profile.
  4. Once you login for the first time and activate your account. you will receive the status of all the ‘currently active surveys’ directly on your personal webpage. The page will also show your ‘pending’ surveys if any, and the one already filled by you.
  5. Your personal webpage will also let you ‘update’ your profile from time to time as there is any notification for changes. This will ensure that your details (personal information) are always up-to-date.
  6. The complete ‘profile creation’ process requires you to fill 3 sections of information about yourself, about your family background and lastly about your net habits, you can start using the website and participate in surveys by completing only the first section.
  7. You can update the rest of your profile sections at your own pace and convenience over a period of time. However, you will not be entitled to participate in the reward system and prize draws until you complete your 100% profile information by filling all the 3 required sections.
  8. You can also refer your family, colleagues and friends who are aged 13 or above by clicking on the Refer a friend to the Get Counted Consumer World link on your personal webpage. Remember there is no facility of referral link provided as it is provided on other survey sites.
  9. The winners will always be informed by email, and upon acknowledgement and confirmation from him, the prize will be delivered to the ‘address’ provided for the purpose in the membership profile. (Note: If you are above 13 years but below 18 years, prize money will go to your parent/guardian.)
  10. You can also access and view some of the details of the ‘winners’ of the previously closed surveys which we will also display on the website.
  11. Referral Status, where member can check number of referrals given till date, how many out of them signed up as active members of the Get Counted Consumer World and how far are they from the top referral.

So, let’s raise our voice to be heard by manufacturer through appropriate means.