IOS 4.1 Game Center Still Needs Fixing

When IOS 4.1 became a byword of many, many are enthusiastic about new features, especially the Game Center. From the name is an application feature on IOS 4.1 devices connection provides a social gaming with iPhone and Ipod Touch users.

However, assessment of Internet users is not satisfactory. Some features of Game Center seems to be further developed as it is still less than perfect. For example, the display device applications that do not suggest anything in supportability. Besides gaming applications are also only appear once only without the option to download it in the app store. Users also can not do much in Game Center is in addition to inviting friends to join and then update the status.

Game Center is indeed a brilliant idea for Apple's mobile devices. Game Center similar to XBOX Live gamers kumpulnya as a place to show off the results / score of the game he played. Additionally users can also invite friends to fight on certain mulitiplayer games online. However, much remains to be added to Apple until Game Center is convenient to use.