Motorola Droid 2nd Global Edition Use Processor 1.2GHz

Motorola Droid 2, successor to the success of Motorola's Android phone Droid will attend the first global version that supports CDMA and GSM networks. According to the latest developments seem gained global version Motorola Droid 2 which was released by Verizon will get the increased speed of the processor to 1.2 GHz.

Increasing speed is shown by Droid-Life that has been running tests on the Droid second quadrant Global Edition. Seen this phone has a 1200Mhz CPU, while as it is known, Motorola Droid 2 version of the original uses Texas Instruments OMAP 3620 chip 1GHz.

Texas Instruments alone reportedly will not issue OMAP4 dual-core processors this year, so there are rumors that Motorola will replace its platform to preach to the NVIDIA Tegra 2 for next-generation smart phones.

Motorola Global Droid 2 edition is rumored to be available in September, but it seems to retreat from an already scheduled. Some photos the appearance of two new Motorola Droid with white casing also been circulated.