Nokia N8 Demo With 4 High Resolution Games

Nokia N8 said to have a better ability Symbian os ^ 3 with the latest. In previous news Nokia N8 already can be ordered online in Indonesia with a price 4.95jt through the website. But a new shipment in late October. Means there are 1-month waiting period prior to the Nokia N8 further tested by kassa9. Nokia latest phones based on Symbian ^ 3 will be directly sent to the address of the consumer through a special delivery service. Shipping begins late October 2010. For those who are less fortunate, to try to get a Nokia N8 in the next booking period at the official Nokia stores directly.

In addition to the camera with great resolution, the phone also has the ability to record HD video that can be edited directly through the program provided Nokia.

When connected to a home theater system, the Nokia N8 can provide the sound quality of Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. This phone can even access the web TV program featuring news and entertainment, which can be downloaded on Ovi Store, clear as the Communications Specialist Jodie O'tania Nokia Indonesia. In previous news Symbian-based Nokia N8 ^ 3 is also claimed by Anssi Vanjoki as a mobile entertainment / entertainment best.

This phone combines a fast processor with a graphics accelerator, support HDMI out, and cameras with sensors the largest ever for a mobile phone.

Curious what kind of greatness Nokia N8, especially the performance of playing the game?. French
website, demonstrating the games on the Nokia N8 which consists of Asphalt, Avatar, GT Racing, Hero of Sparta.