Nokia N8 Launch Postponed Again For Software Problems?

Nokia rumored to have problems delayed the launch Nokia N8 as reported by a media named AllAboutPhones. Motorola initially plans to release their flagship handsers this month at the end of this September but the new handset is expected this will appear in October. This schedule-related setbacks said software problems that need repair.

This setback was a blow was enough for Nokia. This is because the N8 have been introduced since last April when it said will appear in the summer (mid-year) but then delayed several times. It is also considered to be one factor why Nokia has decreased its market share in recent years due to not competing with other handsets like the iPhone or Android.

Nokia recently through the AFP to respond to these rumors. It is said that long ago that the handsets Nokia has planned this will appear at the end of the third quarter of this year (between September / October) and this schedule has not changed. According to a Nokia representative of the news of this setback is a matter of misunderstanding between the parties Nokia with their marketing that have made reservations. It is said that the marketing division Nokia N8 informs the customer that their handset is likely to arrive in October. This is because the differences in time delivery to certain areas, including a specific request related to the handset at the time of booking.

Which is correct? Just sit and wait.