RIM Announces BlackBerry Social Platform, integration of fuel into Other Applications

In a special annual developer conference this year, RIM has announced it will bring the BlackBerry Messenger to the next stage called the BlackBerry Social Platform.Applications chat service which is called the fuel will be open to third-party Developers.The developers will be able to access everything you need to integrate the fuel to an application, and can use all existing social aspes on fuel.

Developers will be able to integrate the fuel service to an application, some of which like the ability to chat, share content, to the invitation. One example, users can invite friends to play his fuel in a game, then can she chat with the others when the game is running.

Interesting is not it, BlackBerry Social Platform is expected to be available in mid-2011.It is still long, but at least the rim trying to prove not only that it provides no innovation-that's all that counts. Previous RIM has also announced the Playbook, tablet supplement for RIM BlackBerry.