Samsung Acknowledging Applications on Troubled Galaxy Tab

Samsung has recognized that the tablets Galaxy Tab have problems running some applications in the Android Market. Previous Samsung claims that all applications can run smoothly, but once confronted with real evidence, leading electronics manufacturers from South Korea can not Dodge anymore.

The problems that occurred that some applications on the Android Market is limited to a maximum resolution of 800x400. Meanwhile, Samsung's TFT LCD screen at Galaxy Tab alone has 1024x600 resolution which means that the application will not fit in with this Samsung-made the tablet screen.

But the problem is actually not limited to tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab course, all the tablets that are running Android 2.2 Froyo and below will also experience the same thing when the screen resolution beyond 800x400.

Google had already been warned that the Android operating system is not designed / optimized for the tablet and further suggest Chrome OS. Not yet clear if limited to Froyo and version below, but if you want to wait for the next version, Android 3.0 Gingerbread also still not certain to match the tablet.

Does this mean that all manufacturers must provide their own marketplacenya exclusively that only provide a certain application can run on each device? When you have this tablet seems to Android in the future will be minor or with a limited screen resolution.