Seabird, Mobile Concept Open Web From Mozilla Labs

MozillaLabs show off his cell phone that combines the latest technology and combined with the Android OS. The phone concept with the nickname Seabird allows users to interact with using motion capture and projector. Seabird possible to display a picture phone to the wall via its Pico Projector. In addition, the projector can display a virtual keyboard on the table even 2 that are embedded inside the projector can display a keyboard split on the left and right of the mobile phone.

In addition to the projector feature, Seabird is also said to have a myriad of other features. When viewed from his video demo, Seabird has features such as: wireless charging, IR Touch Pad area (at the time of the split keyboard is turned on), 8-megapixel camera, 3.5mm audio port, Bluetooth / IR dongle to call and have the ability as a navigation tool as a wireless mouse.

Navigation using the IR dongle this phone is in the air to rely on tools like motion sensors kinect of the XBOX 360, Wii controller and Move on Playstation.

Seabird created by Billy May, a member community of Mozilla Labs in early 2009. Billy May want to visualize the future of the Open Web phones. Creation was assisted by thousands of community members Mozilla Labs for almost 2 years before showing off in public.