Sony Ericsson LiveView, Tiny Remote Control for Android 2.x

Sonr Ericsson has just announced a special micro-displays for mobile phones called Android version 2.x LiveView. This tiny device uses 1.3-inch color OLED screen with 128x128 resolution, which in passing a square shape similar to the latest iPod Nano, unfortunately only in black color only

LiveView can display SMS, RSS, Facebook and Twitter updates, play music, see the details of incoming calls, recent calls list, even the user can mute the ringing from unwanted callers directly through LiveView. Also LiveView also serves as organizer, calendar display, showing time and date as an hour, up to determine the location of the phone.

Placement was also easy, LiveView can be flops in the document, in the bag, even worn like a wristwatch. LiveView use Bluetooth to connect with mobile phones and can reach distances up to 10 meters. Looks like LiveView will be complementary accessories appropriate for Xperia X10 that have received updates Android 2.1 eclair.

Sony Ericsson claims the battery is long lasting for use up to four days in normal use.LiveView will be available in the fourth quarter of 2010 with prices that are still unknown.