Specifications leaked : HTC Mozart + Videos

HTC Mozart, or also known as HTC Schubert has often appeared his form lately. This time specification based on Windows 7 Phone mobile phone known to be a lot along with a video demo of the user.

HTC Mozart has a display such as Nexus (without the trackball) and completed by 8250 QSD Qualcomm 1GHz processor, 512MB ROM, 8GB of storage, 576MB RAM, 3.7 inch WVGA screen Super LCD, 8MP CMOS camera with xenon flash, and battery 3.7 inch.In addition, this phone also has support SRS and audio DSP with Dolby Mobile.

Satisfied with the specifications of the HTC Mozart? this phone is likely to be present at the first time in Europe because it has been equipped with radio frequency support for Europe. HTC Mozart fastest predicted would appear on the month of October.