Acer Aspire One Happy, Dual Boot Netbook Launched

Acer looks to keep its promise to provide a dual-boot feature on every netbook dual core will be present, even a single core also miss the feature. Taiwanese netbook manufacturer has announced a new netbook called the Acer Aspire One Happy.

Netbook is equipped with 10.1-inch screen with WSVGA panel, 6 cell battery (reaching 8 hours usage), the CPU Atom N450 (found also in Atom N550), GMA 3150 GPU, 250GB hard drive, WiFi, 2GB of memory, and bluetooth builtin. One more feature which is becoming its appeal is the ability to dual-boot (Windows 7 and Android 2.1).

Netbook lightweight (1.25kg) and typhoid (24mm) also has a wide selection of attractive pastel colors such as: Candy Pink, Lavender Purple, Lime Green and Blue Hawaii. Simply spend amounting to £ 249.99 ($ 397), interested?