Acer Continue Offers Dual Boot Netbook (Android / Windows 7)

Acer is already well known for one of its products, especially if it is not a netbook.Netbok specialists also became the first in introducing a netbook that can run with Windows 7 or Android.
This is seen from the Acer Aspire One D250 and D260 that have been launched Acer, the user can feel the Android OS for the computer powers the daily needs but also provides an option to switch to Windows 7 if the user just does not like OS Android.

Based on reports from PC Mag, the Taiwanese computer company also recently announced that it will continue with their strategy, by providing a dual-boot feature on every netbook dual core will be present.

It is not difficult to implement, because, as already known, the manufacturers do not have to pay a license for the Android OS. The surplus means that provide flexibility to the user without increasing the cost burden on manufacturing.

Android OS has become a very popular operating system, use of smart phones , tablets, Television, nebtook, even household purposes. But even so the netbook market was also disturbed by the number of tablets that would be present, call it the BlackBerry Playbook, HP tablet with WebOS, etc.. So which one is more you choose? netbook or tablet.