After Antennagate, Now Glassgate?

After a free bumper replacement program for iPhone problems on an antenna 4 which ended last week, Apple's iPhone 4 was rumored to have another design error. This error was discovered by the iPhone engineering team and may be fatal.

IPhone engineering team found, according to a report by Ryan Block, that the casing is designed not to bumper iPhone 4 can cause scratches between the casing and the glass. This glass will be easily broken. This means that if the bumper was taken, could be the back of the iPhone 4 will ***** due to this design problem.This problem is potentially severe enough that Apple prohibits the casing from a third party for sale on the Apple Store until this weekend.

If observed, this problem plus the problem seemed to touch the antenna. In addition to a specially designed bumper casing so as not to make contact with the rear glass and the iPhone antenna cover 4, is currently available only a few accessories iPhone 4 in the shops. In addition, WSJ reports about the form the next iPhone will be very different also increasingly makes sense because it is intended to overcome problems that arise today.

Is this true?