Analyst: BlackBerry Storm 3 in Progress, Playbook 2 End 2011

Long time not heard from the rim, this time a body of Jefferies & Co. analyst issued a research note the news that RIM does not cancel the workmanship Storm 3 and is preparing a second tablet BlackBerry Playbook. This device will leave the click-down screen technology SurePress and will be like on the BlackBerry screen Torch.

BlackBerry Storm 3 will be shipped with 512MB of RAM specification, BlackBerry OS 6, and the 5MP camera that showed no special change in the output of the BlackBerry 2010. Analysts also suggested the existence of a BlackBerry device that resembles the iPhone, thin, and will use the QNX OS like the Playbook.

Playbook both rumored to be announced late 2011, while the first Playbook course will be available from February to March 2010. This second Playbook rumored to be having a bigger screen than 7 inches and has the integration of 3G and 4G, RIM is currently working on dikabarkans edang 4G for Verizon BlackBerry hardware.

Platform previous QNX will also gradually replace the BlackBerry OS. Is it true that 3 will present the BlackBerry Storm, RIM is still not confirmed about this or plan ahead.