Android 4.0 Named 'Ice Cream'?

President of ARM, Tudor Brown, in a conversation with the author Forbes, Lizabet Woyke, said that after the release of Android will be referred to as Honeycomb Ice Cream. Naming is based on the naming pattern that Google did on the homemade mobile OS release.

Google has been named the release of the Android based on the name of a dessert and sorted alphabetically. After C for Cupcake, Google released a row (D) onut, (E) Clair, and (F) Royo. While (G) ingerbread and (H) oneycomb has been confirmed as the next version. Thus, the advanced version of Android (4.0) after Honeycomb will begin with the letter "I" and also the name of the dessert. One name that matches the pattern is "Ice Cream".

You agree? Or is there another more suitable name to be proposed?