Chrome OS Glides on 11 November?

Chrome OS has long been prepared to become new weapons Google that focuses on Web applications and cloud-based services. Even more suggest Google Chrome OS is used for the tablet compared to Android that has been widely used in tablets, call it the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Based on the latest rumor, there is the possibility of tablet-based HTC will launch the Chrome OS on 26 November.

Still not enough, there is other evidence that comes from Google's site based on comments by a Google employee seems to indicate that the OS will be launched Chrome ladder 11 November, that means two weeks prior to entry into the market Chrome tablets tablets.

According to TechCrunch, Google employees comment that reads "We will from this push after November 11" and there is a possibility Chrome OS has been completed for now and just waiting for the right time to slide.

Chrome web store is also rumored to be debuting this month. Is Chrome the OS to successfully attract electronics vendors to use it instead of Android? It does not really matter because both Android and Chrome the OS is a product of Google and back again according to the needs and tastes of each user.