CoolPad N930, Chinese Android Smartphone with 1GHz Processor

Not all Chinese mobile home arguably cheap, despite the fact that many Chinese mobile phone that features that's it and just replace the casing. Unlike Android phone from China on this one, CoolPad N930 which has been provided by the parts sophisticated, not less than Samsung or Motorola S Galaxy Droid 2.

CollPad N930 has been completed by capacitive touch Screen 3.5-inch WVGA LCD, 1 Ghz processor, WAPI / WIFI, and the Android OS 2.1 eclair that can be updated to Android 2.2 Froyo. In addition the phone also supports EVDO 3G radio and supports GSM-CDMA (when you see the picture).

N930 CoolPad rumored to be released at the Expo Comm China next month and slid along the operator China Telecom. Unfortunately the phone with a customized user interface is still unknown price.