Dell Streak Caught Froyo, skipping Eclair

Dell Streak was launched in the country, although they had to wait a while longer to be enjoyed by all consumers in general. One thing that became weak from Dell Streak factor lies in its operating system are still using version 1.6 Donut, but do not be sad because it has been present good news for fans of this tablet.

Dell has told us will give an update to the OS is Dell's Streak, not half-hearted, Android 2.1 will jump directly to 2.2 eclair and Froyo. Meanwhile Streak Dell users via O2 will get the first version of the eclair.

Android 1.6 Donut Dell has received many complaints from users being unable to perform the features available in more than 73% of Android phones in circulation, some of them such as better performance, flash 10.1, and voice commands.

Unfortunately Dell does not explain further when Android 2.2 release date for the product size 5 inch mini tablet, hoping just before 2010 ended. Looks like Dell's decision shows its seriousness in developing a Google OS-based devices, which means it will increasingly provide many options. Dell also will release another Android tablet measuring 7 inches possible in the next few weeks.