Ergh, Internet Explorer Are Dying

World's number 1 browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer now dying in the European region. Web tracker Agency, StatCounter reported that IE, the browser that once ruled the world of WWW (World Wide Wibble) achieved a market share below 50% for the first time. Microsoft's browser is only controlled the world market share of 49.87% in September.

Many people believe this decline in market share due to the popularity of IE browsers like Google Chrome just increasing the size and competitor Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome has mastered 11:54% world market share and Mozilla Firefox at 31.5%.

But it seems the loss of supremacy of IE is also related to the war between Mircosoft and the European Commission. For several years, Microsoft and the European Commission has finally agreed to fight until the agreement that Microsoft must offer a choice of various browser menu to users of Microsoft Windows in Europe.

Since then, the market share of IE down in the European region to the point of 40.26%. IE is the biggest market share in Korea in which it holds 94.14% browser market share. But still it does not affect the overall market share of IE. IE9 beta has been released and is a big change from IE8, can increase the return prestige IE9 Internet Explorer that came down