Gingerbread Android SDK Comes Next Week?

Gingerbread, a name that is often heard as a succe
ssor of the operating system Android 2.2 Froyo found new news. According to the rumors that circulated Police Android, SDK (Software Development Kit) Gingerbread will be available at least within the next week. The possibility there will be an event to introduce more in the latest version of Android.

Unfortunately, the source of information does not provide more detailed explanations, so it is still not known Gingerbread will represent the version number: 2.3, 2.5, or maybe 3.0? As usual, the code AOSP (Android Open Source Project) may only be available several weeks after the launch of the SDK Gingerbread.

Hoping it more suitable Gingerbread Android by Android Froyo tablets compared, otherwise the user may have to wait for the next version has the code name of Honeycomb. Usually after the launch, still need to take several months until the devices on the market, but for Android fans who can not wait to buy Google's first Nexus is the latest version of the Android embedded OS.