iPhone 4 White Color Spotted, Not For Sale Yet Because The Colors are not Dressage

A series of photographs iPhone 4 has been published by Pocket-lint that shows the iPhone 4 in the hands of a user in New York. More than that Pocket-lint was also able to interview people and ask why he could get the iPhone 4 white while others have not been able to get the gadget.

From interviews obtained information that Apple already has a lot of white iPhone units in Cupertino, and he managed to obtain one unit because there is a 'friend' at the Apple offices. However, 4 white iPhone is not present in the market because there is a problem with two suppliers of goods originating from the Far East (China / Taiwan?) That does not make white colors that match each other. The color of the 'home' on 4 white iPhone is said to be harmonious with the color white on the front plate. And Apple, well known as a perfectionist, was not happy with this so do not want to sell to the public.

Not yet known whether Apple will be ordered again the whites of the appropriate color to the other before the launch of the iPhone 4 white are planned at the end of 2010.