Microsoft and Adobe will Merger?

Microsoft and Adobe preached Party has conducted a secret meeting at the Adobe office to discuss collaboration plans of both parties in the future. Microsoft Party at the meeting led by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, while Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen is represented by.

The two sides reportedly discussed the grip of Apple in the smartphone sector and formulate ways how Adobe and Microsoft to join forces to address them. According to the NYT, this discussion leads to a conversation even Adobe's acquisition by Microsoft option.

Representatives of both parties to avoid when asked about the topic. Party Microsoft says that Adobe and Microsoft share the millions of customers around the world and CEO of both companies have met all the time. However, he continued, Microsoft is not going to publish a topic of meetings conducted in private.

Is it possible that the two companies merge? If the merger does happen then this would be more horrendous than the merger between HP and Compaq that occurred in 2002 and the purchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle some time ago.