MODU T-Phone Android, Presents on 10.10.10

MODU is currently preparing their modular mobile phone called the T-Phone. The handset can be added various accessories are using the Android OS and will be launched on 10:10:10. MODU Q-Phone will use a touch screen wifi, 2GB of internal storage and microSD card slot, while other features will be added according to user desires of the various options available.

T-Phone is expected to be mobile with the lightest touch interface for today.Unfortunately there is no complete specification unless the use of the Android OS in this product. MODU modular phone itself is usually made with the addition of 'jacket' that can be fitted with a variety of additional accessories such as a QWERTY keyboard, stereo speakers, game controllers, and so forth.

The first edition of the mobile phone has been slid MODU earlier but less successful. A month after its launch in July 2009, the MODU announced plans to make the handset a better successor.