The Most Expensive iPhone 4

Stuart Hughes, a British product designer re-issued a luxury 4 latest iPhone, but this time the price is extraordinary, reaching 8 million U.S. dollar, which is probably the most expensive iPhone 4 in the world today. Stuart Hughes is famous for often customize electronic devices with gold and diamonds, before Stuart Hughes also has released the iPhone 4 versions of diamonds and gold.

iPhone luxury 4 is decorated with rose gold and 500 diamonds (53 of which are embedded in the Apple logo on the back). IPhone home button this 4 featured two diamonds that can be exchanged repeatedly, only 7.4 carat pink diamond and diamond step 8 carat. Stuart Hughes is said to have made 2 models of this phone for his client, Australia's leading businessmen. Each handset has more than 500 diamonds and totals in excess of 100 carats, this phone will also be packed in special boxes made of granite.

These two iPhone 4 that could be called the World's most expensive mobile phone reaches a total of 16 million dollars could feed a small country up to a month. Incredible.