Motorola Backflip Presented in Malaysia

After India, Motorola has also recently announced its mobile phone Backflip series in Malaysia, this Android phone will be launched in the State.

Backflip Motorola has a reverse-flip design that allows to hide a QWERTY keyboard.Backflip Motorola has a 3.1 inch screen HVGA, Qualcomm 528 MHz processor, Backtrack feature (touch pad) located on the back side of the device, 5MP camera, auto focus, LED flash, GPS, stereo Bluetooth, MPEG4, hole 3.5mm audio, and capable of supporting memory up to 32GB. Motorola Backflip diluaran there are still presented with a Cupcake Android 1.5 Android 2.1 can be upgraded into eclairs. It is still not known for Motorola Android Backflip version in Malaysia.