Nokia E-Cu, Phone Concept that doesn’t Need a Charger

Many mobile phone users who love to feel annoyed when cellphone battery when needed, could be due to the too frequent use, battery life, small amps, and so forth. This is not an issue for Nokia phones this one concept, the Nokia E-Cu (E for Environment, Cu to Cooper). The phone can charge the battery automatically when it is going in a pants pocket though.

That's the attraction in addition to a radical design, this concept phone designed by Patrick Hyland, a designer from London. The basic principle is this phone is changing the heat generated when the phone is located inside the bag into electrical energy that can be used to charge the battery.

The back was full of copper that can convert heat into electrical energy, not just from the bag trousers only. Hyland said this was the future mobile phone concept that does not need a charger, of course to further protect the environment and also save energy.

It seems interesting if this concept phone is really realized. But not explained whether the Nokia E-Cu can be shocked by the user so many layers of conductor. Users whose hands easily sweat may be more careful.