Nvidia Tegra 2 Will Support Super Android Phone Motorola

Not the first time dual-core chips Nvidia Tegra 2 rumored to be used on mobile phones.Optimus Some LG phones, Motorola E900 has been rumored to be using this processor, as well as other Android phones.

Nvidia CEO Apparently not satisfied with the current generation of smart phone that she felt she was still lacking. Jen-Hsun Huang said the market there is still room for a device called a "superphones" / super cellphone , according to DigiTimes.

Huang explained that the super cell phone is a device that is larger than the iPhone and also smaller than the PC. This phone will open up opportunities for computing functions that casual / relax, run Google's Android OS, and offers connectivity and satisfying the basic needs of multimedia users.

Huang also explained his opinion that the replacement of netbooks into tablet PCs will increase going forward, potential to form a segment for super-phone, which is located in the middle of tablets and smart phones.

Tegra 2 is a processor with low power consumption with ultra low power features of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. Smart phone users also claimed will get two times faster performance when browsing and the ability to play games 5x faster because a single core processor running at 1GHz

What kind of super cell phone that? It seems little can be drawn now. Nvidia also has confirmed Motorola has designed a super Android phones that use dual-core chip Tegra 2, expected to be available sometime in 2011. Will 2011 be the golden age of Tegra?