Omnia 7, One More WP7 Weapon From Samsung

As you know, Samsung is one of the vendors who will release a handset based WP7.One cellphone is the Samsung i917 which recently said it has emerged in the form of video. This time the Samsung Omnia 7, or also called the Samsung i8700 also comes in the form of video. Seeing his name already this phone certainly will also use the Windows OS Phone 7.

YouTube users with name ID Ciliegina007 has mengungggah video Samsung Omnia 7 that seems to be recorded in Italy (duration 13 minutes). In the video it looks a similar application by HTC, the weather and news reports that seem to be Samsung Hub.

According to rumors, Samsung Omnia i8700 7 may be introduced on October 11 next at the launch of Windows Phone 7. Moreover, Samsung also announced that it will introduce some WP7 phones this year, maybe the Samsung Omnia 7 includes this one of them.