Panasonic Lumix Phone Announced on October 5

Panasonic Lumix, a familiar name in digital camera products, but who would have thought Panasonic will also bring the name into the phone besutannya who immediately announced on October 5, Tuesday next week.

Not much can be extracted from digital posters featuring the word invitation Panasonic Lumix Phone, following a full specification, model, design, operating systems, pricing, and so forth. However, Panasonic has leaked some information, this new phone will have a 3MP camera with CMOS sensor and image processing technology, Mobile VenusEngine which also contained the line digital camera.

Do not miss the screen that is used has a resolution WVGA 3.3-inch sizes, support WiFi, DLNA, weighs 146 grams and dimensions of 116 x 52 x 17.7mm. Does this Panasonic phone to compete amid a scattered number of mobile phone these days, it seems everything can be answered only when the announcement later on, just wait.