Samsung Continuum with Dual AMOLED Screen Ready to Roll

Pictures Continuum Samsung handsets recently circulated on the internet. This image leaked showing a handset variant S Galaxy which has two Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen on the front, with a small screen to icon status as a message or new email, missed calls, weather information, and so forth.

Samsung Continuum is generally similar to other S Galaxy phones with WVGA AMOLED display Super capacitive, Hummingbird 1GHz processor, 336MB RAM, and a variety of connection features.

When the phone is off, strip the bottom of the screen will display weather information, date, and time. While at other times the screen below will display a message or status indicators such as new emails, missed calls, voicemail, notification of social networking, and so forth.

This panel is also touch sensitive so that it can be shifted using the fingertips to view another status or tapped to display the detail information of the icon is visible. The screen also comes on when the phone is lifted thanks to a sensor grip handle on this handset.

Galaxy S variant of this handset will be marketed by Verizon and is expected to emerge by late October 2010.