Skype 5 Released, Supports Facebook Chat

Skype just released version 5 of the video chat and VoIP applications are popular. The salient features in this version is the addition of chat capabilities and status updates from Facebook users. In addition, the application interface also overhauled.

With this new Skype Skype users will be able to continue to connect and interact with the news from up including updating status, comments and so forth. In addition there are also up Phonebook in the Skype so users can call or send SMS up their friends directly from mobile or home phone with just a few clicks.

Facebook users who also use Skype to inter-connected and can do good for free communication of text, sound, and video. In the first half of 2010, Skype notes that 40% of the time used to use Skype video chat. Therefore, the presence of a group video chat feature in Skype Skype 5 is then in general use will also increase.
Skype 5 is already available for versions of Windows and can be downloaded from