Sony Ericsson promises Windows Mobile 7 Phone Next Year

Bert Nordberg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sony Ericsson, in a teleconference recently said it would consider Windows 7 Phone bid to diversify their products.However Nordberg said that products based on new Windows 7 Phone will be present after Christmas in 2010 or later means that in the year 2011.

Sony Ericsson before it said it will not longer use the Symbian OS in their new products that depend on an OS that is Google Android. It is considered less well, although Sony Ericsson's own hopes to become the largest supplier Android handset later.

At time ago Sony Ericsson is renowned as a party who likes to announce a handset product but then to delay its official launch. This sometimes causes the market has lost interest in the product.

Is Sony Ericsson going to come back too late to follow the development of Windows 7 Phone later?