Windows Mobile Phone 7 is The Real Facebook Phone

Microsoft and Facebook has announced it will cooperate to integrate up with search engines Bing for the search feature in the largest social networking site in the World. It also may indicate indirectly under Windows 7 Phone is phone up the truth.

Up previously rumored to be presenting an own cell phone with full integration up in it, then developed with a news partnership with INQ. But it was still not clear whether the phone will be integrated with IOS or Android, and after the emergence of cooperation with Microsoft is probably going to make it the best mobile social networking will come on the market.

All aspects of Windows 7 Phone is connected with social networking, such as: phone, contacts, games, photos and even the office. In WP7 phone, local client and the network cloud also running together.

Windows 7 Phone The first phone is scheduled to be available starting in December and Microsoft itself has confirmed that they are very serious work on the mobile OS for mobile devices, especially Microsoft certainly has a tremendous burden if it fails again as fate KIN his cell phone