WSJ: iPhone CDMA Release Early 2011, the iPhone Gen 5 In Progress

News about the successor to the iPhone 4 had been frequently circulating, as well as CDMA iPhone that will be carried off by Verizon. This time information is a little more clear, according to a Bloomberg report last June that CDMA iPhone will be released in January 2011, strengthened again by Yukari Iwatani from the WSJ that indicate the plan is indeed true.

CDMA iPhone will depend on Qualcomm chips, as well as the CDMA radio, but from reports from the WSJ is not clear about the technology LTE (Long Term Evolution).Apple is also reportedly preparing a new model iPhone (let's call with the iPhone 5) which are completely separate from the iPhone 4 Is the iPhone 5 will have a dual antenna design so as not to repeat the same event with the iPhone 4? or there is another strategy that is owned by Apple, let the time to answer.