Adobe Photoshop Coming Soon to The Tablet?

After a few months to accommodate feedback from the users of the tablet, this time the Adobe Photoshop program reportedly is developing a device that is optimized for this popular. The first evidence of such a move seen as a short demo of the application is made at the Adobe MAX conference. At the conference the Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch demonstrated the use of the application on Samsung Galaxy Tab and IPAD.

An Adobe representative said that Adobe designers are now beginning to make a variety of creative tools help (tool) Photoshop that allows iPhone and iPad function as extensions of Photoshop that runs on your computer or laptop. Basically the group is currently under construction tools and commands such as to modify photography, retouch, including the button and an interactive tutorial for making it easier for users of Photoshop.

All those concepts are still in early stages but it seems like Adobe is thinking about how to utilize multi-touch function that brought on some tablets. However, Photoshop is allegedly not going to have a complete function to remember the PC version of the processing device used in the tablet is not comparable to those on the computer.