Apple iPhone 4 White Available in China’s Black Market

The news of production delays and rumors cessation 4 colors white iPhone by Apple was not applicable in the territory of China. This is evident from the discovery of 4 colors white iPhone products in China in various unofficial reseler shop online. Product 4 white iPhone is presented in the form of photographs and video that can be expected that the product is genuine.

Various unofficial resellers in China seems to have managed to obtain product in sufficient quantities and sell them openly lot on the internet. From the images obtained it appears there was a warning stating that the product is intended for internal company use only and not for sale.

4 white Apple's iPhone is sold with prices starting at 5500 yuan ($ 828 = 8 million dollars) to nearly 8000 yuan ($ 1,204) for the 16GB model and a higher base price for the 32 GB model. This price is far above the official retail price of the iPhone 4 color black in China, especially the product is still using IOS 4.1 that locked AT & T and can not be opened.

To order this product please go to and search iPhone 4 white (in Mandarin).