Apple's Making iPhone 5 with Free SIM Card Special Operators?

A new breakthrough is reportedly being deliberated by Apple for the iPhone handset 5 is the use of a SIM card which can be accessed for the entire network of mobile operators. SIM card is installed by Apple itself which is then connected online to the App Store.

To realize the idea is Apple working with Gemalto (who recently sued Google and Android). With special ROM data can be inserted into the SIM card that shows you how the iPhone activation 5 to all operators who want the buyer.

In this way then Apple will have control over all devices iPhone 5, similar to the BlackBerry that wearing certain pins, but in a broader sense. It also will cut iPhone sales distribution 5 because potential users could buy directly from Apple without going through mobile operators and SIM card replacement is not required if the user wants to switch operators.

Whether this concept will be realized?