Best iPad clones, with the Android 2.2 [Video]

iPhone 4 clones using the Android OS has been reported yesterday, this time there are more clones Apple iPad tablet which was labeled as a replica of the iPad best ever.Several clones of Apple products have already emerged even before the original product out, but this one appears clones for some time thereafter.

IPad clones of Chinese origin has excellent design quality, almost like the original, missing only the Apple logo on the back. The tablet is made of aluminum with 9.7 inch screen multitouuch, just like the iPad. Here are some specifics:

- IMX515 800MHz processor, the cortex-A8-based architecture (IPAD 1GHz)
- 512MB RAM (256MB IPAD)
- Memory 4GB (IPAD 16GB/32GB)
- OS Android 2.2 Froyo

Interested? Unfortunately there is still no information on the price that will be priced for this tablet.