Boxwave Keyboard Buddy, Change iPhone 4 So Sliding QWERTY phones

Ever feel the iPhone 4 is still less because it has no physical keyboard? If you are one of them now do not need to be disappointed again. Now the iPhone 4 that already has hundreds of thousands of applications, responsive touch screen, fast processor, stunning graphics can also be added QWETY physical keyboard.

With four named BoxWave iPhone accessories Buddy Keyboard, iPhone 4 can be like a sideways sliding phone with a keyboard, ideal for users who have high incidence of using a physical keyboard and can not escape from it.
iPhone 4 accessories is inserted into the keyboard and connect via Bluetooth. There are also switches on / off switch that allows users to use the keyboard when needed, given the bluetooth connection can be a waste of battery iPhone 4.

Accessories are priced $ 69.95, already can be ordered and shipped during the month starting December before Christmas.