China Develops Technology One Chip with Four SIM Card

A phone with support for two SIM cards or three SIM cards, it is common. This time it may sound more sophisticated because there are no phones that implement it.Spreadtrum Communications, a Chinese technology company is developing a chip that can support up to 4 SIM (SIM Quad).

This chip is also known by the code SC6600L6, this chip basically allows to insert four GSM SIM cards to run simultaneously on one phone only. "Quad-SIM solution will be another new discovery from a technological innovation," said Dr. Leo Li, President and CEO of Spreadtrum. The company is also the inventor of the solution to dual SIM and SIM triple tops in the world, he added.

Interesting is not it, of course this phone is still there for now, but it seems like Samsung will be the first mobile phone brand that will bring a mobile phone that supports up to four SIM cards, it so?