EA Confirm Sony PSP2 Will Attend

Studio game developer Electronic Arts has mengkonfimasi have gained access to the latest Sony's portable gaming console that will be present, PSP2. This game console has been rumored this will have a large 4.8 inch screen with full HD resolution, equipped with a touchpad, and processors such as the Xbox (which is not a portable gaming console).

Vice President of Sony, Patrick Soderlund said, "obviously the developer has access to this console, but I am not allowed to discuss it publicly." Looks like Sony is not going to tell specifications, leaked images, or access to the prototypes, until satatnya arrived.

Clearly, this game console Sony PSP2 should have an attraction that can beat competitors such as Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS (not present), iPod Touch, and iPhone as a portable gaming unit. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs once said that the iPod Touch is a portable gaming devices are most popular, especially its application very much.

Sony is also rumored to be working on PlayStation phone that will use Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Yes, there are many secrets in kubuh Sony, we'll see later development.
Note: The image above is not the actual picture Sony PSP2.