Google Blocks Access up to my Gmail

The relationship between Google and Facebook look even cooler after Google recently announced the closing of the API access up to contacts GMail service. Google's decision is implemented through changes to the terms and conditions of access to the Gmail service that requires the reciprocal relationship between the parties for mutual access to data or profiles of users of each service.

Up before it is allowed to access contacts from a Gmail user to be used as a prefix to find a friend on the biggest social networking. But so far up did not reply to these services by providing the same service, namely to open up the API to import contacts to the other party, in this case Google. Because the relationship is not reciprocal, Google felt up is not fair and decided not to give up access to the user account contact Gmail.

Google said it is committed to enabling users to retrieve data to and from Google products. These include various sites such as Yahoo, Hotmail, that allow other parties to import and export user information such as contacts and other details quickly and easily.But turns up no heed to these rules and denying access to users. That is why Google claims to change their approach slightly by closing access to up it.

This step can be bad for up although considered not significant. It's given up already has a large user database that can stand alone without a little help from other parties such as Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. Up before it also had close access to imports from Twitter and Ping from the iTunes service.