Google Instant for Android and iPhone Coming Soon

Instant Search, a feature that displays the search results very quickly, even when the user has not typed enter on the Google Search Engine is rumored to be available for Android phone and iPhone. Previously, Instant Goggle service is already available for your web browser even though not all countries can enjoy it.

But it seems to use Google Instant on phones are not as comfortable on the web due to the limited screen. Google Instant on an average mobile phone can only show the three links of search results that the rest should go to the bottom, while in some search results, usually only the top three sponsored link advertising.

Google Instant Mobile run fine on 3G and WiFi networks, and because the WiFi connection is very volatile, then the user can also disable this feature without leaving the web page, said Steve Kanefsky, Google software engineer on his blog.

Instant Google services to phones is still in beta and requires at least Android 2.2 or 4 for IOS can enable Instant Search feature when visiting