IOS 4.2 Present November 9th or November 12th?

Apple product users can get ready to update the OS to the device awaits her beloved.For according to the latest rumors, IOS 4.2 update will glide on November 9 or 12 November. IOS Update 4.2 will glide to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

This update was dkabarkan by one of the german site, going global slide Tuesday, November 9. But recently, a German blog, iFun found that Apple will launch an update to the operator O2 on 12 November, on this basis that there is a possibility IOS 4.2 will be released the same day.

IOS version 4.2 will be the first to combine the features of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch like multitasking, folders, improved email application, and game center. IOS 4.2 will also bring some new features in IOS devices such as AirPrint printing, streaming video / audio / picture Airplay, iPad wallpaper, text the new tone, a text search function on web pages, and other minor improvements.