iPhone 3Gs Jailbreak Can Record HD Video

A hacker named Mike Pan has managed to modify the iPhone 3G so that it can do HD video recording like on the iPhone 4. With this hack the iPhone 3G video camera could be improved the recording capabilities of VGA resolution (640 x 480) to 1080 x 800 pixels at 30 fps.

To perform this modification is needed iPhone 3Gs which then needs to be filled dijailbreak and file modifications. For more details, Mike Pan has made a tutorial step by step how to create iPhone 3Gs do not seem to be outdated compared to the iPhone 4, at least in the affairs of the video recording.

To prove that this modification is not making it up, Mike Pan also install video recording results that look pretty amazing for the size of iPhone 3Gs.
Interested? Read the full tutorial on the site RedmondPie