Is this the Samsung Advanced Android phone in the Year 2011?

Not only is Google the Nexus S as the only leading smart phone that will be present in the near future. Beginning 2011, this Samsung will also launch another Android smart phone with AMOLED screen Super 2.

Samsung's ambition to pursue a number 1 ranked Nokia's largest mobile phone manufacturers increasingly visible.

The phone is still without a name has a myriad of advanced specification, the 4.5-inch screen Super Amoled 2 WVGA, 1.2 Ghz processor, video recorder 1080p, 8MP camera, and support HSPA network speed 14.4 Mbps. Do not miss again this phone is going to support Bluetooth 3.0, 16GB of internal memory, WiFi 802.11n, and the Gingerbread Android 2.3 as the default operating system.

All specifications that exceed the current Samsung Galaxy S is also incorporated into the design of a slim cell phone. Samsung is rumored to be introducing this handset the first time at the Mobile World Conggres in Barcelona, February 2011.
The battle in smart phone competition is likely to become more exciting later in 2011, and is not impossible that this type of mobile phone prices will become increasingly expensive. Just
wait it goes.