JCB Tradesman, First Waterproof Mobile in the World, can float!

Introduce Tradesman, waterproof cell phone that claimed first in the world has officially slid in the UK. This phone can work well even have been soaked in water for hours.Tradesman distributed by Data Select and a collaboration with producer companies means they JCB tool carrier.

This phone is the latest version of similar phones ever released previously under the brand Toughphone. To prove its strength, this phone has undergone various kinds of torture such as being dragged vehicles, buried two tonnes of debris, water soaked for six hours, and still function normally.

Tradesman dibanderol valued at 69.99 pounds, or about 1 million, and is suitable for users who frequently work in the field, in rainy weather, sailing, or other work that rawarn accident.

Selecet Data Marketing Director, Jason Kemp said his company has received orders of about 4,000 units Tradesman, since it was launched this Tuesday. While previous versions of mobile phones, Toughphone has sold about 50,000 units.